Rafael Matias is a self taught multicultural artist who is a colorful visionary; exhibiting locally, nationally, and internationally. Matias is best known for his large scale surrealistic mosaic paintings in beads, glass tiles, and sculptures. The main theme, ever present in all of his work, is the heart, representing love and forgiveness. His art explores his personal stories and journeys. Matias was inspired to work with beads while living in South Africa . Most impressive is the simple beauty of his peices; the peaceful co-mingling of all the inhabitants, be they people, or imaginary beasts. Matias's combinations are always about balance and harmony between man and woman, family, community, and environments as well as finding the enlightenment to realize these dreams for all the cultures in his work. Rafael has exhibited in solo/group shows as well as juried shows and national museums. His work has been widely collected in private galleries throughout.

     My Inspiration

Although it's about moving on, humility and the heart play a factor.

It's also about reflection - who are we? And why are we here?

Who are these people... strangers, friends, family, lovers that we meet in our brief lives?

Is it possible that our sole existence depends on the connection with others in order for us to continue forward with our struggles?

Life, as well as death, plays a major role in this process.

At the end, it's about people who have left their marks on this world, on our very souls - directly or indirectly - living or dead.

- Rafael Matias

My Passion

  • Aboriginal


    Glass- 16" x 18"

  • FridaYYo


    Glass/Beads- 16" x 18"

  • La Hermanas

    La Hermanas

    Glass- 3' x 3'

  • Love is Blind

    Love is Blind

    Glass- 16" x 18"

  • Rest in my Garden

    Rest in my Garden

    Glass- 16" x 18"

  • Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

    Glass- 16" x 18"

  • La Reina, El Rey y Las Lagrimas Te Los Poetas

    La Reina, El Rey y Las Lagrimas Te Los Poetas

    Beads- 6' x 6'

  • En La Cocina Te Amor

    En La Cocina Te Amor

    Vitreous Glass- 3' diameter

  • Pablito


    Glass Tiles and Wood- 12" x 15"

Bead and Mosaic Beauty

  • Terms of My Surrender

    Terms of My Surrender

    2016- Beads, Glass and Wood (12" x 12")

  • Bruised


    2002- Ceramic Tiles, Grout and Wood (4' x 4')

  • El Amor y El Corazon

    El Amor y El Corazon


  • Ausencia


    1998- Beads, Ceramic Tiles, Wood, and Metal (3' x 4')

Beadwork and Mosaics

Chicano Art
  • Mosaics
  • Folk Art
  • Corazones
  • byzantine beads
  • Glass
  • Sculptures